Practice Areas

Labor Consultancy

  • Advice on the transfer of personnel during corporate restructure processes
  • Advice on the design and implementation of compensation plans
  • Advice during termination of employment relationships
  • Integral advice in the hiring of expatriates working in Mexico and Mexican employees assigned to work abroad
  • Implementation of confidentiality and non-compete agreements
  • Preparing training programs
  • Advice regarding profit sharing distribution among the employees
  • Advice during inspection visits performed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Labor Litigation

  • Advice and defense of companies in complex labor litigation before the Local and Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Boards
  • Advice and defense of companies on labor cases filed by expatriates
  • Legal strategies for the reduction of contingencies deriving from labor cases
  • Performing due diligences on risks and labor contingencies of labor cases.

Collective Negotiation

  • Lawyers specialized in handling collective labor conflicts such as strikes, work stoppages, collective legal and economic conflicts, terminations and collective modifications and suspensions
  • Advice on revisions and modernization of collective bargaining agreements
  • Advice to companies on inter-union conflicts.


Immigration Law

  • Authorization of work visas for job offers in Mexico
  • Mexican visas for investors, students, residents, business persons, athletes and training activities
  • Change of immigration status
  • Renewals of temporary residents and work permits for foreign residents in Mexico
  • Repositions of resident cards due to theft, loss or damage
  • Regularization of immigration status in Mexico.
  • Exit and return permits and definite departures.

Social Security

  • Analysis of the corporate benefit structure for the correct calculation of the salary for the payment of social security contributions
  • Training and advice on the compliance of social security obligations and rights
  • Review and advice on the risk premium of annual declaration due to work related accidents
  • Challenge on the determination of professional illnesses and work related accidents issued by the Social Security Institute
  • Advice and defense over tax credits and resolutions issued by the Social Security Institute and the National Workers Housing Fund Institute through administrative appeals, annulment actions and constitutional proceedings.


Mediation of present or future controversies in civil, commercial and family matters through Private Mediators with public faith certified by the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico City.

Civil and comercial litigation and consultancy

  • Attention of civil, commercial and family matters.
  • Design of legal dispute-preventive due diligences.
  • Attention of legal matters regarding corporations, contracts, trusts and real estate.